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World Halotherapy Association names Erin Lee Executive Director

Erin Lee has been appointed as executive director of the World Halotherapy Association (WHA).

The WHA is a physician-backed association formed to ensure a global standard of excellence in the halotherapy industry. The WHA’s goal is to train, educate and support ‘Haloprenuers’ in a deeper understanding of the disease state, help ensure equipment performs properly and aid in the successful execution of business operations.

Lee’s new role will see her build upon the organisation’s existing foundations and drive an ethos that further raises awareness of halotherapy’s benefits as well as to continue to provide support, education and information to facility owners.

Harking from Poland, halotherapy – also known as salt therapy – is typically offered as a dry treatment using a halogenerator to produce pharmaceutical-grade particles of salt for inhalation in an environment that mimics a salt cave microclimate with dry, cold conditions and no humidity.

Following the advent of Covid-19, the wellness industry saw a surge in interest and uptake for halotherapy services.

Prior to her appointment, Lee was working as project director at specialist wellbeing firm Dröm UK where she spent 10 years.

She’s long been passionate about the merits of halotherapy and believes it’s an effective holistic solution to many respiratory and skin conditions.

“Living in a world where respiratory health is so important, I want to encourage the use of halotherapy for prevention, performance, recovery and maintenance,” Lee explained.

“My goal is to work together across the industry to put halotherapy firmly on the map as a leading recognised natural therapy.

“The WHA is also the perfect platform to ensure a level of excellence across halotherapy facilities, especially with the Haloprenuer programme and Certified Facility accreditation. We want people to feel safe in the knowledge that they’re attending facilities of the highest quality and are using the correct equipment.”

With respiratory health and hygiene being under the spotlight through the pandemic, Lee is confident halotherapy can make a positive impact on many peoples' lives.

She will balance the commitments of her new role with her freelance work at the UK Halotherapy network – which, she founded in 2020 – and as freelance heat and halotherapy experience consultant for Koru Wellness, as well as supporting the Halotherapy Solutions team as VP of business development in UK, Europe and Middle East.

Lee will work alongside the WHA’s existing members and advocates from the industry, including principal of Wynne Business Consulting & Education Lisa Starr and Dr Raleigh Duncan chair and founder of Clearlight Infrared Saunas.

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