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The ReLounger

We've got your back...

While you recline and relax on the StimaWELL® System’s patented stimulation mat, the system combines midfrequency electrostimulation and heat therapy to deliver a soothing flow of dynamic deep waves to the large muscles of the upper back, activating powerful muscle contractions that most people find particularly pleasurable. The dynamic deep waves enable intense muscle training which is experienced by the patient as a comfortable massage.


Are you one of the statistics?

reLounge makes it easy

Image by Mika Baumeister


Modern everyday life is often dominated by work and deadlines – stress is considered one of the main causes of back pain. This makes it all the more important to have regular anti-stress sessions, switch off and recharge your batteries. The integrated EMS mat warms up to a pleasant 40° C, relaxes the muscles and stimulates the metabolism. The deep massage converts stress into comfort and replenishes your energy.

Image by Jacek Dylag


Back problems have many causes – weak and unevenly built muscles are one of the main causes. reLounge offers a pain-relieving and relaxing solution: The electronic impulses of the EMS mat stimulate the deep muscles, compensate for imbalances through targeted muscle building, thus releasing painful tension. Pain can be relieved in a relaxed way.

Image by Jay Castor


Targeted muscle building and pain management require time and commitment. ReLounge offers a more relaxing alternative. While muscles are being built systematically, you get to experience pure wellness and relaxtion.


What is EMS?

reLounge uses the functional principle of EMS. EMS is a term that stands for electronic muscle stimulation and is based on the body’s own principle, in which every movement is triggered by a bioelectric impulse from the brain. During an EMS workout, the impulses are delivered extrinsically, causing the muscles to contract. This method has also proven to be effective as a targeted treatment for back pain.

What is TENS?

TENS is an important component of the reLounge. The acronym stands for “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation” and is a gentle variant of electrotherapy that has already proven its worth in the field of pain therapy for decades. TENS overrides the pain signals from reaching the brain by closing the nerve pathways in the spinal cord, thus providing rapid pain relief. It simultaneously causes the release of endorphins, the body’s own happiness hormones, which have been proven to have a pain-inhibiting effect. Back and neck pain can therefore be effectively counteracted.

What role does heat play in the reLounge?

reLounge can be heated up to 40°C. This comfort temperature promotes improved blood circulation in the muscles and consequently relaxes them. Concurrently, the metabolism is stimulated and toxins are expelled from the body. Massage chairs with heat function follow a similar approach.

Who is going to benefit from the reLounge experience?

Anyone who is dealing with
o acute pain and back pain
o chronic pain and back pain
o non-specific back problems
o specific back pain
o lower back pain
o neck pain
o middle back pain
o high levels of stress
o hypertonia
o hypotonia
o limited mobility
o or is simply looking for relaxation.

Are there any dangers associated with the reLounge?

Not at all. The technology behind reLounge is absolutely safe. It is in no way comparable to the conventionally known full-body EMS. 

How many sessions do I need?

As with most therapies, more than one session is recommended and it is dependent on the individual.  We recommend doing sessions in blocks of 6 sessions over 3-4 weeks (maximum of 2 sessions per week). A re-calibration will be carried out after 10-12 sessions.

If you are struggling with pain, it is most likely caused through muscle weakness and tightness.  Therefore it will require a number of sessions to relax the muscles, before working to strengthen them.  

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