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Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt to Hydrate & Detox

Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt to Hydrate & Detox

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£6.90Sale Price

Himalayan Pink Salt crystals began forming millions of years ago before any modern day pollution, resulting in the purest salt available for us. All the rage for a fast paced and mindful lifestyle.

  • How to use

    Add a few scoops to a warm bath and have a soak. Relax for about twenty minutes, or until the bath gets cold. Repeat weekly to reap the benefits of the minerals.

  • Delivery & Collection

    Free delivery within 3 miles KT23 4RP or collection available

  • Benefits

    Whilst Pink Himalayan Salts are favoured for their unmatched relaxation properties, they also help reduce inflammation and eczema, making it the ideal bathtime companion for people who have sensitive skin and experience flare ups. It’s not just great for baths, too, your hair and facial skin will also be thankful for the naturally hydrating properties of Himalayan Salt. By encouraging radiant and smooth skin with 84 vital and naturally occurring minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, your body will be left feeling revitalised, soft, and healthy. We’ve mined the untouched purity of the Himalayas in our salts. Nothing added or removed, just the naturally occurring 84 trace minerals without fillers, additives, plastics, or pollutants.

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